The Black Caucus has a relatively long informal history. It did not formally elect its first Chairperson, Dr. Jean Carew, and four Steering Committee members, Drs. John Dill, Algea Harrison, Ura Jean Oyemade Bailey, and Diana Slaughter, until the 1977 biennial meeting.  However, it first convened informally in Philadelphia in 1973, and again in Denver in 1975.

Five objectives were outlined at the Philadelphia (1973) meeting:

  1. To provide opportunities for Black people who are interested in research in child development to meet and interact
  2. To establish inter-communication networks between Blacks in this area
  3. To become acquainted with other groups who have similar interests in Black children
  4. To adopt a position on the future relationship of Blacks to SRCD and these other groups
  5. To discuss issues of significance for Black researchers and Black children

For over 30 years, the Black Caucus has continued to meet.  Several Caucus members (e.g., Vonnie C. McLoyd, Harriette McAdoo, Diana Slaughter-Defoe, Diane Hughes, John Ogbu, Sandra Graham, and Michael Cunningham) have served on the Governing Council of SRCD. Several other Caucus members have served on the following SRCD Committees: Publications Committee; Committee on Interdisciplinary Affairs; Committee on Child Development and Social Policy; Committee on Ethnic and Racial Issues (formerly the Committee on  Minority Participation); and the Committee for Ethical Conduct in Child Development.